The Christians in Action (CIA) are a dedicated group of young agents at Marquette Manor Baptist Church that want to make a difference for Christ. The objective of the group is fellowship, discipleship, and service.  The purpose of youth is to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Teens can easily lose a sense of purpose and direction and need to be consistently challenged and encouraged to be what God wants them to be. 

Upcoming Events


Teen Sunday School
We meet at 9:15 Sunday morning to engage in study of our operation manual, the Bible. 

Wednesday Worship
The time begins with an activity to draw the group together followed by singing and a Bible challenge. We end by breaking into small groups where we share requests and pray with each other. 

The CIA has many ways of teaching the teens to minister to others. Twice a month we sing at a local nursing home. We have a day of service in the fall for senior citizens in the church. We canvas for special events, like the Cola Clash or NBT programs.  The teens lead an evening service twice a year and are taught how to use their gifts for Christ. 

Summer Activities
Many teens waste their summers in front of the television. The CIA trains their agents to use this time strategically. Some summers we attend a Bible preaching camp where teens are encouraged to live for Christ. Other summers the group is taken on a missions trip where individuals can gain a vision for a world that needs Christ. We have programs to help the teens raise the needed money to pay for the trip. 

The CIA has a variety of events throughout the year to reinforce their values. Some of the activities include Sunday night singspiration, lock-ins, short trips, games in the gym and whatever fun ideas may surprise the teens.

Testimonies (back to top)

"All of our children have been in the MMBC youth group for many years. As parents we have seen the youth group be an important part of our children's lives. The ministries, activities, and emphasis on good, clean fun have been a great part of our children's development as growing Christians. The interactions they have had with their peers and the youth pastor and his family have been times of godly encouragement and have developed bonds of Christian love and friendship." - Len and Elvira Scalzitti, parents

"One of the blessings I received in the youth group at MMBC was the development of friendships with other Christians. Through missions trips, summer camp, Wednesday visitation, and activities we grew closer to the Lord and each other. Many of those friendships continue to today. The good friends that I made while in the youth group have encouraged me along the way to follow the Lord and do right." - Matt Scalzitti, graduate

"Marquette Manor has been a part of my life for 13 years. Each year I did not just grow physically, but spiritually. The people here really know how to make you feel welcome. Everybody seems to show God's love and can instantly become your new best friend. This church makes me want to become a better person, a better Christian, and a better servant for God."  - Wayne Pua, Graduate