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Our Mission.  The purpose of Marquette Manor Baptist Church is to exalt our magnificent God, to evangelize a lost world through compassionate outreach, and to edify believers through the sound preaching and teaching of the Word of God.  Our foremost desires are to see lost people come to salvation by faith in Christ, and to help believers grow in grace and in the knowledge of Him. 

Beliefs.  At MMBC, we steadfastly embrace the “fundamentals” of the faith, believing the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant, and infallible word of God, and thus the sole authority for our beliefs and practice.  We believe in the Trinity—that there is one God, eternally existing in three Persons.  We believe in the creation of man by the direct act of God, apart from any process of evolution.  We believe in the virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ, His sinless life, His vicarious (substitutionary) atonement for our sins by the shedding of His blood on the cross, His bodily resurrection from the tomb, and the certainty of His return.  We believe that salvation is by grace alone through faith in Christ alone on the basis of His completed work on the cross.  We believe in a literal heaven and a literal hell.  

Heritage.  As reflected in our name, Marquette Manor Baptist Church holds to the historic Baptist distinctives.  We believe that these characteristics are the biblical identifiers of the local assemblies of believers as described and exemplified in the New Testament.

Affiliation.  Scripture teaches the autonomy of the local church.  Consequently, MMBC does not maintain formal ecclesiastical ties with any denomination, convention, or association.  Our church polity (government) is congregational, under the leadership of our pastors and deacons.

Services.  Our people are friendly and our facilities are comfortable, but more importantly, the atmosphere of our services displays an appropriate reverence for God and an earnest desire that He would be pleased as we meet together for worship and fellowship.  Morning and evening services are held each Sunday, with mid-week Bible study and prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings.  

Music.  Marquette’s sacred music is soul-stirring and uplifting, yet conservative in style and presentation.  We especially embrace the traditional hymns of the faith.  We believe that the primary audience for church music is God, and so our music is intended to glorify God and edify believers by drawing attention to God’s greatness and goodness.  Our desire is to provide opportunities for adults and children of all ages to participate in the music program of the church through choirs, orchestra, and special groups and ensembles.  In every case, the music serves to prepare the hearts of the people for the preaching of the Word of God.  

Bible Versions.  While respecting individual convictions and preferences in terms of Bible translations, both Marquette Manor Baptist Church and Marquette Manor Baptist Academy use the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible for matters of public worship and classroom teaching.

Ministry Programs.  Effective local church ministry involves both evangelization (reaching the world with the Gospel) and the edification of believers.  While “programs” do not ensure effectiveness in ministering to people’s spiritual needs, they do provide the necessary organizational structure so that caring Christians are afforded ample opportunity to help one another and to reach out into the community at large.  At Marquette Manor Baptist Church, we have in place ministry structure intended to reach our community with the Gospel and to help God’s people mature and grow spiritually.  Our goal is to provide balanced and meaningful programs intended to be of spiritual help to people of all ages and backgrounds.  

Nursery.  During all of our regularly scheduled services and Sunday School sessions, nursery care is available for children from newborn through the age of three.  Our nurseries are staffed by well-qualified and caring church members.  A nursery call system allows the staff to contact a child’s parent should assistance be needed during the service.  Proper equipment (including infant beds, changing stations, and toys that meet appropriate health and safety standards) enables us to ensure the best possible care for these dear little ones.  

Location.  Marquette Manor Baptist Church is located on 75th Street in Downers Grove, Illinois, about two miles east of I-355 and 2.5 miles west of Kingery Highway (Illinois Route 83).  Our members include not only Downers Grove residents, but also people from many of the surrounding suburbs.   Downers Grove and the adjacent municipalities are family-friendly residential communities, providing MMBC with broad opportunities for outreach and ministry.   

Transportation.  For those who desire to attend Marquette’s Sunday morning services but are hindered due to lack of transportation, van pickup is available by arrangement with the church office.  These arrangements will normally need to be made by close-of-business the Friday before.

Facilities.  The Lord has blessed Marquette Manor with spacious facilities on an easily accessible 17-acre parcel.  Our auditorium and all of our classrooms and meeting rooms are climate-controlled and effectively serve the present needs of our church ministries.  Our facilities include a gymnasium, athletic fields, and ample parking.  The campus is also the home of Marquette Manor Baptist Academy.   

Worldwide Evangelization.  Marquette Manor Baptist Church is committed to the “Great Commission” of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  We support more than 40 missionary families ministering on six continents.  Our former pastor currently serves as Deputation Director for Baptist World Mission, and many individuals and families from our assembly have answered God’s call to serve as missionaries around the world.  Our annual Missions Conference is one of the highlights of the year for our church family.  Here “at home,” we endeavor to reach our own community through personal contacts and weekly church visitation outreach.  

Care for One Another.  As fellow believers in Jesus Christ, we recognize that in a very real sense, our church is a family.  Through various means (including, for example, Sunday School classes, deacon care groups, ladies Bible studies, our program for teens, and the Awana program for children) our people are able to build friendships and minister to our varying physical and encouragement needs.  Many of our folks gather routinely for fellowship.  They are quick to reach out to one another in times of bereavement.  People are always available just to help each other navigate the twists-and-turns of life in the uncertain day in which we live.  Certainly we’re biased, but we believe that MMBC is an exceptionally caring church where folks are passionate about supporting one another.