Ladies Retreat 2016

On April 8-9, 2016, ladies gathered for a refreshing time at the Essenhaus Inn and Conference Center. Lynn Gleiser ministered the Word, and ladies left encouraged and challenged. The theme verse was Philippians 3:10 and the theme song "I Run to Christ."

Recordings & Notes

Recordings of sessions two and three are available here.

Session 1: Knowing God (notes)

Session 2: Experiencing God (notes)

Session 3: Trusting God (notes)


Memorable Quotes

Session 1: Knowing God

Your life skills and spiritual gifts are who you are and should be offered daily as a part of your worship to the Lord.

True worship comes from a heart that desires for God to permeate every part of our life. You are uniquely prepared to worship God. You have been gifted by the Spirit of God to do the work He has called you to do.

Is the cry of your heart and the focus of your life, "That I may know Him?" If not, why not?

Session 2: Experiencing God

Suffering is not foreign to the Christian who lives her life for Christ. In fact, suffering is an unwelcomed friend.

Through suffering, we begin to understand that there is grace for every place we find ourselves.

Suffering is the deepest level of knowing. His power is portrayed the clearest in our weakness.

Session 3: Trusting God

"There is a place of stillness that allows God the opportunity to work for us and gives us peace. It is a stillness that ceases our scheming, self-vindication, and the search for a temporary means to an end through our own wisdom and judgment. Instead, it lets God provide an answer, through His unfailing and faithful love, to the cruel blow we have suffered. Oh how often we thwart God's intervention on our behalf by taking up our own cause or by striking a blow in our defense! May God grant each of us this silent power and submissive spirit." - A.B. Simpson


Recommended Books

Knowing God by J. I. Packer

Not by Chance by Layton Talbert

Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles Hummel